Isabel Avila

I’ve always had a passion and talent for planning weddings, special events and a desire to work with people. My professional experience in the industry began with working for well-known catering and event companies, which then led to Event Sales Manager for many years. The knowledge and experience acquired from these experiences is invaluable. I gained a better understanding for this industry and the priceless opportunity of developing relationship with some amazing vendors. Wanting to take my talents to the next level, I decided to combine the knowledge and passion, along with my personal style, and start a company, Romance Du'jour.

Having my own company allows me to use my creativity to its fullest potential. It allows me to give the Bride and Groom the respect and attention they deserve. The most rewarding part of being a wedding planner is that opportunity to work closely with the couple and their family during such a special time in their lives. I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with countless couple, bringing their visions to life and being an integral part of many wedding celebrations. Working closely with numerous diverse personalities, cultures and families has been priceless. I can say that I genuinely love people and strive to make them happy. Working hard ensures that I can and will fulfill the couple’s visions and dreams on their perfect day. I enjoy designing unique and beautiful wedding that reflect the couple’s personal style. Romance Du'jour is a labor of love and dedication to my passion. Making dream wedding come to life, one vision at a time.